Today is the seventh installment of our 30 ways to improve your business by using web videos. Number 7: Proposals. Win more bid proposals standing out with video.


In today’s business world, when a project goes out to public bid it seems like every competitor and their mother jumps on it. However, it isn’t always the lowest bids that necessarily land the job; it is often the most qualified and best suited for the project in question. With this in mind, what can separate you from the pack and prove to the powers that be that your team is best suited for the project? Surprise! How about a video?

Videos are very effective for establishing credibility, showing your expertise, and building a bond with potential clients and partners.

The facts speak for themselves: even at a senior level, 75% of executives watch work-related videos on business websites at least once per week. Demand Metric also has found about 70% of B2B marketers are using video in their content mix.

Incorporating video into your proposals can strongly improve the experience for the reviewer. According to one study, 92 percent of business technology purchasers said that having video as part of the materials they used to make their buying decisions positively, or very positively, affected the overall influence of those materials.

Including video can be a comforting signal for the decision makers, allowing the potential client to meet some of the specific team members that they would be collaborating with, and showcasing the breadth and passion of your organization.

A video will also serve to highlight your ingenuity, as you are likely the only bidder who is using the technique (unless your competitors are also watching my videos).

Consider adding videos to complement key parts to your proposal such as the statement of work, the proposed budget or the key personnel that would be working on the project. The statement of work video could explain your work process. The key personnel video could have the people introducing themselves. You get the idea.

Not only does introducing members of your team start building relationships that are critical to making a deal, these videos (and the analytics behind them) can also let you know whether your proposals are even being seen and considered.

In our previous video, we talked about ways to add video into print documents. This is the same way you would do this for adding videos to your proposals. You would also make sure to hyperlink any pictures or text to the video landing pages on your website or video hosting platform.

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