Today is the third installment of our 30 Ways to Use Video for your business or organization.

Number 3: Blogging


You should add video to your business blog. Videos will bring your blog posts to life. Our series of 30 ways to Use Video is one example of how to use video in your business blog. We scripted out the series, recorded and edited the videos and then created blog posts for each, embedding both the script and video. We then scheduled them to be published over the next few weeks.

You can also use the process of creating a video as the subject of one or more blog entries for your company. At Seven G Media, we’re more than happy to help our clients take some behind the scenes shots and video to help tease a future custom video.

This is a great way to generate more conversations ahead of time, and can be used effectively for such things as an upcoming product release. Microsoft did this with the release of the Windows 10 operating system. Months before the release there was at least one video that showed the process for creating the new Windows logo for the Operating System.

The production of a video is an exciting process for any organization, and is absolutely something worth highlighting about in a blog post.

Other blog topics could be FAQ videos, process videos, how-to videos, and product demonstration videos.

Adding videos (and video transcripts) to a blog post not only increases the level of quality blog content for your visitors, but also helps draw even more folks to your website and business.

Research from the SEO experts at and have found that blog posts that include video receive three to six times more inbound links than plain text postings.

If you guest blog, be sure to include the embed code for your About Us or other video. The host might embed it directly into the article, or put it on your bio page.

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