This is the first in a series of video blog posts about ways to use your videos once they are created. For Seven G Media clients, we got you covered. You will receive a customized promotion plan that recommends where, how, and when you should be distributing and sharing your videos.

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Hi there! Nate here from Seven G Media, where Stories Define Us.
I want to share with you some ideas for how to use your videos once they are created. Over the next few months, I will be posting these 30 plus tips on our blog. This advice works whether you are hiring us to produce your videos, or doing them yourself.
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Before you think about how you are going to distribute your videos, you should consider why you’re creating the video in the first place.
This is true for any marketing tool and tactic, whether it is a direct mailer or your website.
Videos can help in any stage of the sales funnel. When you are working with Seven G Media, we walk you through this process to develop the right type of video for your specific needs.
OK, that said, let’s begin with our 30 ways to use video in your marketing and business operations.
The first place you should consider using your video is on your website.
By having videos on your website, you are able to have a conversation with your current and prospective clients and customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A majority of your prospective customers are researching online and on their mobile devices before making their buying decision.
At least one of videos on your site should be an About Us video that gives folks a chance to learn more about you and your company. These About Us videos are a great way to start building trust with your audience.
Your current customers are turning to your website to get questions answered about your product or service, learn about current deals, pay a bill or make an order, or to learn and be part of your community.
Having a video on your website also increases the time a visitor spends on your website.
For example, the average visitor spends more than 4 minutes on a website with video, compared to only 57 seconds on a website without video.
Keep in mind, that visitors’ time on website is a significant factor for how Google and the other search engines will rank you in search engine results.
Also, Google and the other search engines are committed to delivering the best results to someone’s query, and they have correctly concluded from all those billions of searches that videos embedded throughout your website deliver the best results.
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