A video is one of the most effective tools for everyone in your marketing team to utilize. But it can also work wonders for your sales team, too! Here are four incredible benefits for video sales presentations.

If you integrate video into your pitches, these are the four incredible benefits we believe you’ll enjoy:

  1. Videos can fully illustrate what you are trying to say via moving images, audio and snappy soundtracks than just relying on a salesperson to try and describe them verbally
  2. Videos confirm your company is progressive and thinking about different ways to get express your message, which to them can suggest you will do the same for addressing their problems
  3. Videos can help drive the conversation, prompting questions that may not of been previously raised
  4. Videos are scalable and reliable. You don’t have to remember every point in your script. A well-placed demo video or explainer video can provide consistency the best way, every time you hit play
Image quote about the benefits of video sales presentations.

So, those are the benefits. How do you get started with video sales presentations? The simple answer is just go out and create them. Too often, I see folks over think creating videos. And that can be warranted for a centerpiece marketing video. But a sales video is very likely to have a short shelf life, and be hyper-targeted to one prospect.

And there are a number of free or affordable tools you can use to quickly put together your video sales presentations. I love the Chrome extension from Vidyard. WIth it, you can quickly record yourself using your laptop camera and have that embedded in a sales pitch deck, a screen demo, or some other asset. You can also use your smartphone, too.

3 Examples of Video Sales Presentations

Then start the sales presentation or sales demo off with the video.

Just as you want to break up your sales pitch between listening and talking, using video gives you time to observe the prospect and see how they are engaging with the video. It also give you an opportunity, while the video is playing, that you can gather your thoughts and plan the next few moves in your pitch.

Or send it to the prospect ahead of time for them to watch. And if you are hooked into a marketing automation platform, or you have a enterprise video hosting platform integrated with your CMS, you will be able to see whether they’ve watched the video, and how much they watched.

Testimonial Videos

Your sales team, whether they are called account execs or sales managers, as well as SDRs, are often on the hunt for a reference customer that can sell your benefits to a prospect.

Instead of trying to line up calendars or burning out customers with repeat calls, create a testimonial video that you can use over and over again.

Explainer Videos

For some businesses, you have a complicated service or product. For those instances, use an explainer video that can quickly express what it is you do, and do well.

Explainer videos are among the most popular videos that are produced. Also ranking up there are product demo videos, which are intended to do the same thing, help explain how your product or service can help address your prospects questions and pain points.

Choreograph & Rehearse

If you decide to use videos in your sales presentations or sales demos, you should rehearse how and when you are going to use them and see where they fit best with your overall presentation. You should also make sure you have a hard file of the video on your computer in case the Internet is down, you have crappy bandwidth (thank you FCC for killing net neutrality), or you don’t have wifi.