How much of your sales process is spent answering the questions from the client about the process, service, cost, after the sale and so forth?

While these are all very important questions, they are often the same ones you’ve answered before and will likely answer again the future.

I recommend you consider employing video marketing to cut bottlenecks in the sales process by preparing FAQ videos; or sending a link to your bio video that you can use to pre-sell your product or service and build trust with your clients and prospects.

If you are a Realtor and working with a couple looking to buy their first home, you can email them one or more videos that explain the home buying process from meeting with a mortgage banker to dealing with nerves prior to closing.

If you are an attorney, you can include a link on your business card and other marketing collateral that goes to a video that provides some insight on you, your expertise and your approach to the law or practice area.

If you have performed a service or sold a product, you can deepen your relationship with your client or customer by sending them a video explaining how to use, take care of, or trouble shoot the product or service.

I was having lunch with a colleague who creates websites for small businesses. Part of the package they offer is training at the end of the transaction on how to access the website, post blogs and so forth. This could also be done with a simple video using screen-capture application to create a how-to tutorial that can be used again and again for your clients.

After watching your videos, clients and prospects will have heard and better understand your offer, why you are the person and business to deal with and how your type of service or product can benefit them, all before you meet together.

That has a lot of value, too, with helping you qualify leads, who after watching the video(s) will have a better understanding about your costs, your value, and what you expect of them. This may help eliminate or reduce the number of meetings you have with prospects that turn out not to be qualified and thereby saving you time to focus on those prospects that are qualified and interested.

Sending the videos – and answering questions ahead of time – should allow you focus your limited time with the prospect or client on their needs and business problems. In the past, you may spend 30 minutes of an hour in a first meeting with a client or prospect explaining the process. Now you will be able to spend more time – maybe not the whole hour, but most of it – learning more about their challenges and how you can address them.

Somewhere along the way, we have been taught that you need to “touch” a prospect seven or more times before closing a sale. Assigning them the homework of watching your video adds another touch to the process. And, assuming we have created an engaging video that adds value, they will likely watch other videos you have on your website or YouTube channel, adding more and more touches (and possibly start the process of upselling to other services or products).

Let me know what you think, or if you have questions how this approach can be customized to you and your business. I would be glad to help!