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Welcome to the second installment of how you can use videos for your organization. Today’s tip for is to use video marketing for Lead Generation.


The world of marketing is forever changing, evolving and I like to think getting smarter, and businesses must continue to adapt in order to survive. While traditional media – such as advertising in newspapers or local television – may be dying or just out of reach for many small businesses, there are still plenty of ways to reach your consumers.

And one great way to reach your targeted audiences is through web videos. According to Nielsen, YouTube reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any cable network; and Google’s analytics have shown us that just as many young people as old people are watching online videos, whether they are embedded on your website or on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.

Whereas your $1,000 bucks for a newspaper ad likely ended the day as a drop cloth for someone’s DIY project; online video remains available 24/7. And whereas your five grand for a TV ad can land you with a 30 second spot during the late, late, … late, late, late show; online video is available to be shared with your audience while they are waiting in line at the grocery store, while they are riding on public transit, and when they are pretending to pay attention at the monthly business training.

Another benefit to business videos is that you can track how long folks watch your video, when they watch your video and what they do after they watch your videos. You can’t do that with a newspaper or TV ad. You can require a visitor to sign in or sign up to watch a video, so that you can get that person’s contact info. You can also add a clickable, interactive link next to the video, during the video, or at the end of the video, asking the viewer to take a desired action.

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