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What are the two biggest reasons videos fail in B2B marketing? 

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My first question to you is what do you want your video to do? 

  1. Do you want a video for brand awareness?
  2. Do you want a video for lead generation?
  3. Do you want a video for top of funnel or bottom of funnel? 
  4. Do you need a video to explain a new product or service? 

My second question is how will you promote it? Will it be embedded on your website? Where? What internal links will you point toward it? Will it be shared on social? Will you include it in your nurture emails? Will you include in a paid advertising campaign? Will it be shared with your channel partners and everyone throughout your organization?

I see video projects fail for two big reasons. And you guessed them: lack of a clear purpose and lack of promotion. 

Before you talk to me or any other video producer, you should think about those two points. If you’re feeling stuck, I can help. 

That is one of the many things that differeniates me from any other video production company.

Besides my MBA from Willamette University and a degree in Journalism from University of Washington, I have the MBA-equivalent of an education in digital marketing at scale over the three plus years I spent at one of the largest marketing automation technology companies. I have produced hundreds of videos and tested their effectiveness throughout the sales funnel and across a range of platforms and channels.

My expertise and value-add to you is that you’ll get the video that  you need to address your business and marketing goals. And we will get that video produced without the overhead and baggage of having an in-house videographer or hiring an agency.

You will gain an experienced video producer and editor who: 

  • Understands your marketing initiatives, strategic positioning and target audience, and business goals (leads, MQLs, SQLs and closed/won deals)
  • Is approachable, but also professional
  • Has a journalism background that helps succinctly tell engaging stories in context

Make sense? Let’s talk more if you are looking for help with: 

  • Video strategy
  • Animated explainer videos
  • Remote video editing
  • Product demo videos
  • LinkedIn videos/VLOG
  • Video Production
  • Video success stories and case studies

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