The eighth way you can use videos to improve your business is by using them in introductory emails, a referral email, and other correspondence.

This is the eighth installment of our 30 ways to improve your business by using web videos.

Did you recently receive a referral from a trusted partner? A great way to follow up that introduction is by sending an About You video to the referral.

This could be a simple video that introduces you and offers your 10-second elevator speech, or it could be a testimonial about you from a past client, or it could be a wrap-up video that showcases your recent work.

We typically receive more than 122 emails per day, and even more if you hare in a customer-facing role. Including a video signature could be a video is a great way to make a positive first impression.

In email newsletters

If you are sending an email, you can add a link to the video, or embed a hyperlinked thumbnail picture.
Watch our previous blog post about using videos in your email marketing, for a more in-depth look at embedding video directly in emails.

Calls to Action

Make sure to add a call to action directing the reader to watch the video. For example, you could say, “To learn more about me and our business approach, watch this quick video.”

Image quote about using video in referall email and other digital correspondence.

You can also add these top-of-the funnel videos to your business card, marketing collateral, quotes and bid applications. I have a link to recent videos we’ve produced in my email signature, and I have also used a video signature, too.

Referral Email

You can also be proactive and provide your trusted partners and other referral sources with links to the videos, so they will be all set when they are ready to make an introduction on your behalf.

Additionally, you can encourage the referral to show your video to others within their organizations. You can even create a template referral email that they can use for introducing you, or recommending your services.

Your introductory video, however, shouldn’t replace a phone call, meeting, or written follow up. But when used in conjunction with those tactics, a video will give you the best chance at creating a strong start to building a great business relationship.

Call me if you have a question about the types of videos you can use for introductions. Until then, sign up for our newsletter or follow us on LinkedIn so you won’t miss our next tips for using videos for your business.

Have a great day!