Roadshow events are great opportunities for capturing video testimonials with your best customers who are likely attending. Here’s what you should know.

A few years ago, I worked at Act-On Software as a content strategist. What that really meant was that I wrote nurture emails, created search optimized blog posts, shot and produced videos, and launched a successful podcast. One of my favorite things was getting outside the office to shoot customer testimonial videos. And a great way to do that was at customer roadshows.

Below is a shot from an event in Seattle back in 2017. Lots of fun. I recorded three testimonial videos, as well as a ton of b-roll. Here is a pic of the Act-On team (everyone has since left Act-On and go on to Glassdoor, UserTesting, and SheerID among other next moves. And, have also become clients of mine as I made the switch to freelancing).

Group photo from a roadshow event, which is a great time to record customer testimonial videos

What a minute, you’re saying. What about COVID-19?

Sure, no one is holding an in-person customer event at this time, but they likely will get started in the fall and definitely by 2021. And if that is the case, you should already be planning the event, as well as coordinating having someone shoot videos.

OK, now that we have the whole coronavirus behind us (at least for this post), let’s dive into planning customer testimonial videos at your next roadshow event.