Email newsletters are a great way to regularly check-in with your customers and prospects, sharing information they want and need while nurturing them to purchase, renewals, and upsells. But how do you improve your newsletter engagement?

Today is the fifth installment of our 30 ways to improve your business by using web videos.

Let’s get to it. Number 5: Email Marketing

Videos in email are known to increase open rates by 19% and click-through rates by as much as 65%. And a 2013 study by The Relevancy Group found that when marketers added video to their email marketing they saw clickthrough rates increase by 55%. They also saw a 41% increase in forwarding, and a 20 percent increase in sales that came directly from the video email campaign.

With results like that, why wouldn’t you include video in your email marketing?

Including your organization’s video in an email is like bringing the entire breadth of your organization to their front door, and since it is on-demand, it is ready to play when they are ready to watch.

A video can liven up a usually text-heavy format, or give subscribers a better picture of your organization, which is likely very different from 3 years ago, when some of your subscribers first started receiving your newsletter.

Image quote about the effectiveness of videos when used in email newsletters and other email.

A strong cinematic video can also reassure an existing client that they chose the right organization to work with. Also, a new video can inform your existing clients of new services or features your firm may have added since acquiring their business.

A new video is a great topic of conversation to use to re-connect with a contact who you haven’t talked with in a while. It can be as simple as “Check out our new profile video, your sales rep Mary is featured in it!”

Our clients at Seven G Media have also used videos to complement auto-responder campaigns. For example, I could later repurpose these videos into a “7 Ways to Win at Video Marketing For Your Business” email campaign package that requires a viewer to sign up to receive their new tip each day or each week.

Plenty of businesses do this. One other example is the social automation platform Buffer, which has a 25-email campaign on best practices for using social media. Each email includes a DIY video.

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