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Professional writing for all your B2B content marketing needs

Did you that know hiring me for your freelance writing and content marketing needs often leads to a promotion?

It does. And I will tell you why.

Hiring a professional writer who specializes in the Marketing Technology (MarTech) and SaaS industries means your getting content that will engage your audience and help them convert into your future customers.

The investment in my freelance content projects — whether an optimized blog post, eBook, or nurture email campaign — pays off in many ways. I’ll just mention two here.

The 3 E’s: Expertise, Experience, Efficiency

First, a veteran writer is going to save you time due to their expertise, experience and efficiency in research, interviewing, writing and editing. A freelance content producer, like myself, is making a commitment to you to deliver irresistible content on deadline.

I cut my professional writing teeth as a newspaper reporter, accurately reporting and writing several stories each day for audiences throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Return on your Investment

The second way hiring a freelancer pays off is the return on the investment (ROI).

For example, an optimized blog post writen by a freelancer can cost about $500. Once published, that 1,000-word post will begin attracting inbound traffic to your website. And with relevant calls to action, it will begin converting that traffic into known leads.

You can then 10x those leads by leveraging that blog post into other content formats, such as slideshares, podcasts, videos, eBooks and more.  

Blog posts that I have written for Act-On Software and others continue to generate thousands of readers each month, several years after they were first published. And hundreds of those readers have gone on to become known leads and sales opportunities. Compare that ROI to what you’re probably not getting from your monthly PPC spend.

So, now can you see how I’m going to help you succeed and get that raise and promotion?

Let’s dive in and explore all the writing projects on which I can help.

Before we get too much further, if you are looking for a cheap writer you should head over to fiverr (and good luck).

Optimized Blog Posts

Why do you need an optimized blog post?

A search engine optimized blog post is essentially a blog post that answers all or many of the questions a person has when they type a query into Google.

The search engine, which still manages 80% or more of all searches, wants to deliver the best results to that query and has built its machine learning algorithms do just that.

And once a viewer comes to your site, your optimized post is the first impression they have of your company. From it, you want that viewer to dive deeper into your website, and eventually convert from unknown visitor into a known lead.

B2B marketers who use blogs receive 67% more leads than those who do not. And companies that published 16+ blog posts per month got almost 3.5 times more website traffic than companies that published zero to four monthly posts.


What you get with my optimized blog posts include:

  • Original, well researched, well written, relevant to your audience, optimized for search, and turned in on time
  • Supports your targeted keywords, content pillars, and business objectives
  • 3-5 headline choices
  • 1,000+ words
  • Relevant screenshots
  • Image pull quotes (can also be used in promoting the piece)
  • A draft that has been run through at least one editing tool
  • Targeted internal linking
  • Suggested in-line CTAs
  • Relevant thought-leader quotes and/or citations from non-competing sources (with links) no older than 3 years
  • Two editing revisions

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Customer Case Studies

Your successful customers become your best salespeople with a case study.

In survey after survey, B2B customers have said they rely on case studies in evaluating a product or service offering.

Case studies can be used throughout the sales funnel. They can be gated or ungated, embedded on your website, or used by your sales teams.

Case studies, also called customer success stories, can be used to introduce new products, showcase different applications, update your offerings and expand into new markets.

Good case studies follow the three-act story structure. They have a beginning, where we learn more about your customer, their business and what makes them successful. They have a middle, where we learn more about the business challenge or challenges with which they confronted. We also learn how they came to choose your product or service offering. And finally, in Act III, we learn about their success.

A documented process for finding ideal customer success stories

Do you want a written, video, or a podcast case study? You’ve come to the right place. I’ve created case studies in all three formats. And, in some cases, we can do all three in one engagement (please ask me how).

I’ve developed a six-point process for identifying ideal customers for case studies. This documented and proven process allows you to find coverage gaps in your customer’s journeys. That way, you don’t end up with success stories that all say the same thing, for the same audience, at the same stage in the funnel.


White papers and eBooks are a downloadable asset that can be used to generate leads and establish your brand as thought leaders in your industry.

In fact, they’re among the top six most preferred tactics for B2B marketers, according to the 2018 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends report from the Content Marketing Institute.

An eBook or white paper are often used as gated content, requesting an name and email from someone in exchange for the content. Demand Gen Report found that 76 percent of B2B buyers surveyed provided their information in exchange for a white paper.

There are differences between the two assets. Both are created to address a specific persona at a specific place in their journey. For example, C-Suite level content at the bottom of the funnel, which could result in an ROI comparison between you and competitors/alternatives.

You can hire me to create your eBook or white paper from scratch; or I can leverage the content, research and other assets you already have.

Landing Page Conversion Copy 

I believe every page on your website is a landing page with one goal: get your audience to take an action. That action can be any number of things, depending on your business, the page, and your needs. The action could be to sign up for a newsletter, register for a webinar, download an eBook, watch a video, or learn more via a pricing page.

It takes a special skill and expertise to be able to craft a web page that converts. You have to communicate your value, get the visitor to keep reading and get them to act.

And it’s not just about the copy. There are many elements that can help or hinder your landing page conversions. Adding social proof points and testimonials, visual design, video and other media, alignment to the PPC or other ad that drove the traffic to the page and so forth.

I am passionate about conversion copy, and would enjoy chatting with you about your next product, service or landing page project.

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Segmented demand gen email and nurture emails

I’ve develop automated nurture program strategy and content for Top, Middle and Bottom of Funnel prospects, targeted verticals and competitive takeaways with outstanding results (40% above industry avg. open rate; 5X increase in CTR).

What would those results mean for your business?

Demand Generation spends a lot of time, energy and money on getting an unknown website visitor to convert into a known lead. But that is just the start of realizing your business goals.

Too often, those fresh leads are engaged too soon by your sales teams when your lead isn’t yet ready to buy or talk to someone in sales. The result is a missed opportunity and your sales team complaining about “bad leads.”

But according to SiriusDecisions, 80 percent of prospects deemed by sales teams to be “bad leads” go on to buy within 24 months.

Your demand gen success dependent on nurturing your future customers into paying customers. When executed properly, a lead nurturing strategy can result in as much as 50 percent more sales-ready leads at 33 percent lower cost per lead, according to Forrester Research.

And while there seems to always be some flashy new way of engaging those audiences, email remains the best and most cost effective.

Heck, your B2B customers and prospective customers prefer email over any other way of communicating with you.

According to a 2018 Lead Nurturing and Acceleration Survey Report by Vidyard and Demand Gen Report, 66 percent of marketers reported that automated nurture campaigns drive additional sales opportunities:

  • 24% saw a 10 percent increase in sales opportunities

  • 23% saw a 20 percent increase in sales opportunities

  • 19% saw a 30 percent increase in sales opportunities

I can help design an email nurture campaign that is targeted to your buyers, for specific stages in their customer journey with you, and with engaging calls to action that get them to take the next step in that journey.

Such campaigns include:

  • Top of funnel, middle of funnel, and bottom of funnel nurture programs
  • Return to marketing programs
  • Onboarding new customers
  • Upsell or cross sell campaigns
  • Competitor takeaway campaigns
  • Events (pre, during and post)

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