Editor’s Note: This post about 3 key buyer personas was originally published on LinkedIn.

Answer these why questions to understand buyer personas

Answer these three questions and your marketing and business will be successful in 2020.

  • Why you?
  • Why this offer?
  • And why now?

Get those right, and you will intimately understand your target audience and buyer personas.

From there, you can develop a predictable marketing funnel.

You can create content that converts, whether a video, podcast, blog post, or eBook.

And as they convert on that content, you can lead score. You can nurture leads. Then you can pass off those leads to sales. And you can deeply understand your analytics. You can confidently answer your boss’s questions. Finally, you can start planning your spring vacation.

Why you?

Why this offer?

And why now?

I covered these questions and more in a few Rethink Marketing podcast episodes, which I produced for Act-On Software. Thanks to Michelle Evans, Phil Bosely, and Brian Aldrich for being guests on the show.

Dial in your buyer personas from actually talking to your buyers

Too often, we create products and marketing plans for those products with just an internal hypothesis of who our buyer is, what pain points they have, and how, specifically, we can help them address those pain points with our product or service.

Over the past year, I have been fortunate to have UserTesting as a client on a range of projects, from producing conference videos to writing customer success stories. Anyway, one of my big takeaways from that experience is that it is no longer a Herculean task to interview your prospective audiences. There are a ton of vendors, including UserTesting, who can quickly get your questions answered and provide you with customer insights that can dial in your buyer personas.

Even if you don’t have the budget for user testing, there are several other hacks that can be employed to answer your why questions. Talk to your sales team. What do they say to prospects? What questions are prospects asking them? Talk to customer service. Find out what are the big questions being asked of them? Talk to product marketing and learn what are the popular feature requests (and the new features being rolled out by your competitors). Talk to your web developer and find out if you have a search function on your website and, if so, what are the search terms people are using on your site. Talk to you marketing ops folks and find out what are the top referral domains coming into your website, or what are the most viewed landing pages on your site.

And all that is to say is that you are having fewer and fewer reasons not to better understand your customers.

And if you need help answering your strategic why questions, I am here to help.