Editor’s Note: This post about 3 key buyer persona questions was originally published on LinkedIn.

Answer these three questions and your marketing and business will be successful in 2019.

  • Why you?
  • Why this offer?
  • And why now?

Get those right, and you will intimately understand your target audience.

From there, you can develop a predictable marketing funnel.

From there, you can create content that converts, whether a video, podcast, blog post, or eBook.

From there, you can lead score. You can nurture leads. You can pass off to sales. You can deeply understand your analytics. You can confidently answer your boss’s questions. You can start planning your spring vacation.

Why you?

Why this offer?

And why now?

We cover these questions and more in a few recent Rethink Marketing podcast episodes. Thanks to Michelle Evans, Phil Bosely, and Brian Aldrich for being guests on the show.

Next week, we will be cover getting actionable insights from your customers with Act-On’s Sarah Moore.