Content Marketing to Grow Your Business

Content Strategy

Most businesses claiming to have a content strategy, actually don’t. I’ve read through hundreds of “content strategies” that have nothing strategic about them at all. It begins with understanding your business, resources, constraints, audience and objectives and then building a content strategy that is achievable and measurable.

Content Creation

Content is the missing puzzle piece that connects your services with your customers’ needs. I can help create that content, quickly, in your brand voice, and within a sensible budget. I’ve created eBooks, blog posts, white papers, user interface copy, website copy and more (and I’ve been able to show an ROI for each word).

Video Production

You’re committed to video, but don’t know where to start? Give me a ring. I have shot, produced, and edited hundreds of marketing videos across all industries, including B2B tech, attorneys, realtors, startups, neighborhood retail, political campaigns and more. Let’s chat about finding a sensible solution for your video marketing needs.

Podcast Production

Don’t have the time, skillset or resources to produce a B2B podcast? I can help. I’ve successfully launched a B2B podcast from zero listeners to more than 20,000 each month.